Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ramen Zun-dou (らーめん家本舗 ずん・どう) at Isetan Hokkaido Fair

I went to the Isetan supermarket in Orchard, and found that they are having the Hokkaido Fair now.

The word "Hokkaido" can really pull in the crowd... the supermarket was jam packed with little space to walk. But the food looks really good! There are crabs, seafood chawan mushi, cakes, etc etc. So tempted to buy a few things from there.

Anyway, back to the my main topic, a ramen stall names Zun-dou (らーめん家本舗 ずん・どう) has an outlet in this Hokkaido Fair too. I've seen them coming to Singapore a few times for the past Hokkaido Fair. They are here to sell their frozen-packed ramen from their stall.

Zundou Ramen (for 2), in Shoyu, Shio and Miso flavours

As an inquisitive ramen eater, I went on googling a little on who their background

Zundou comes from a city call Hakodate (函館) of Hokkaido. Its specialty is Shio Ramen, which is what Hakodate is famous for.

Whats more, Sundou has been voted as one of the top 10 ramen stalls in Hokkaido! Didn't know that its so famous. I was staying in Tokyo so I'm not that familiar with the stalls up north.

Will try to grab a packet before the Hokkaido Fair ends. And in the same fair, there is also a stall that sells char siew and marinated egg for the ramen!

The Hokkaido Fair will end on 29 Jun in Isetan Orchard, thereafter it will move to Isetan Tampines from 3-12 July.

You can see how the ramen at Zundou looks like at Zundou's website.

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