Saturday, June 27, 2009

Baikohken (梅光軒) Singapore

My ramen expedition this week brings me to Baikohken (梅光軒) at Raffles Place.
Wanted to visit this place for a long time and its great that I finally got to try it.

Baikohken Singapore

Shop Interior - waiters dressed in uniforms!

Baikohken comes from Asahikawa, and it one of the famous ramen stalls in the city. Started some 40 years ago, it won the top prize in the "Asahikawa Ramen Award". Currently, Baikohken has 6 outlets, and the Singapore outlet was their first overseas foray! We are quite privileged to have them here!

Baikohken's ramen is typical Asahikawa style, made with double animal-based and fish-based soup as well as medium chijire noodles.

I tried the standard Shoyu Ramen ($12), keeping my policy of trying the store's most basic item.

Shoyu Ramen

Two things about Baikohken's ramen that stood out are the giant menma (Japanese bamboo shoot) and char siew! The size of the menma and char siew gives them a very good texture when you eat it, Both are tasty too! The char siew especially is tender and falls apart when you put it in your mouth.

Giant Menma!

On further research, the giant menma and char siew are actually a signature of Baikohken's style. Baikohken also prides itself on the 100% company-made chijire noodles, which contains no additives and egg, making it safe for people with allergies to eat.

Something interesting about the Singapore store also is that it has a very clean toilet :P

For those restaurants that are in a shophouse in Singapore, my impression is always that the toilet is wet and dirty. But for Baikohken its different. The entrance to the toilet has a little Japanese stone garden and a pond releasing a mist. The toilet itself is very cleanly maintained and spacious too. This gives an excellent "total experience"!

The only complaint that I might have that the store is a little hot.

Overall, the food was great and the overall experience was good too. Its attention to details such as the noodle, menma, char siew and even the toilet is truly Japanese. I recommend this especially for those who likes char siew (and menma)!

In addition to its 3 stores in Hokkaido (2 x Asahikawa and 1 x Sapporo), you can also find Baikohken in Tokyo (Shinjuku Lumine Est 7F) and Hakata. I've marked Baikohken's Asahikawa outlet in my Ramen map.

View Singapore Ramen Map in a larger map

Ramen Data
- Baikohken (Singapore Branch)
7 North Canal Road
: Asahikawa Ramen (double soup with Shoyu/Shio/Miso flavours)
: $12-17.5
: 7.5/10

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