Friday, June 12, 2009

Menya Shinchan - Pumpkin Ramen

Tried the Pumpkin Ramen ($15) at Menya Shinchan today.

Pumpkin Ramen

A limited-period only creation by Menya Shinchan, I wanted to try it very much after my visit last week.
Pumpkin with ramen, sounds like a strange combination, but I gotta try it!

The soup is a creamy pumpkin soup, similar to what will be served at a western restaurant. It is amazing that the soup, which is sweet due to the pumpkin taste, went along very well with the noodles! The noodles used are narrow straight noodles, which provide more surface area for the soup to coat the noodles. Topped with chars siew, fried bean sprout and 1/2 an egg, it is quite an amazing blend of ramen and western soup.

Still have to say that its the ramen stall in Singapore that I like most. Its creative for the owner to come up with such a fusion. It shows that the spirit of innovation is still in him.

The pumpkin ramen is only available until 31 Aug 2009, so go down and have it while its available!

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