Sunday, June 7, 2009

Menya Shinchan (麺屋しんちゃん)

Went to my favourite ramen place in Singapore over the weekend, Menya Shinchan.

Menya Shinchan, exterior

Tucked away in an alley in Robertson Quay, the store is quite hard to find.
It is on the left side while you walk towards the river from the open space where the bars / restaurants are at.

Menya Shinchan is set up by a Japanese businessmen, who quit his job as an expatriate to pursue what he loves - ramen!
The tag line for Menya Shinchan is" ラーメンは芸術だ", meaning "Ramen is an art". Something that I identify with very much too! A good ramen stall will look into everything from the source of ingredients, the soup composition and the water content of the noodles. So sophisticated!

Anyway, back to ramen, I tried their signature ramen Shinjiro Ramen (新次郎ラーメン) ($13) today.
If you cravings for vegetables and ramen at the same time, this is the place for you!!

Shinjiro Ramen!!

This is originated from the Jiro-style ramen in Tokyo, which I'll probably write more in detail in my future blog entry.

The soup is a tonkotsu shoyu soup, with a generous layer of lard on top to keep the soup hot. Without doubt, its very tasty! The noodles are thick chijire noodles. Topped with a mountain of fried cabbage + bean sprout and juicy pieces of char siew.

The volum is HUGE, and I advise that you should have a very empty stomach before taking this. I couldn't finish even it was very good. Its just huge!

It comes with additional garlic and sauce for the vegetable that you can add to your liking.


Menya Shinchan has a large variety of ramen, including tan tan men and tsuke men, and is also innovative in developing new ramens too. Would love to visit this again to try something new next time!

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Ramen Data - Menya Shinchan
Address: 30 Robertson Quay, #01-05 Riverside View
Types: Tonkotsu, Fish stock
Price: $11-15
Rating: 9/10

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