Saturday, June 6, 2009

Menya Manpei (麺や万平)

Checked out the a new ramen shop recently in Iluma at Bugis call Menya Manpei (麺や万平).

Menya Manpei resides inside a Japanese marche-like concept call Ebisboshi Shotengai (another one?), which contains Tsubohachi (A large Japanese Izakaya chain) and other stalls selling tonkatsu, shabu-shabu (+ french maid) and sushi.

Menya Manpei Stall

On the menu, it is written that Menya Manpei serves Sapporo ramen, and its specialty is its tonkotsu soup that is made from pork and chicken bones boiled for more than 16 hours. It is supposed to have come from Hokkaido, but I couldn't find any information of it from Google. Maybe I'll sent in an enquiry to the company to ask.

Back to the ramen, I ordered their specialty Sapporo Tonkotsu Miso Ramen ($12.9), marked "激旨" meaning "ultra-delicious" on the menu.

Sapporo Tonkotsu Miso Ramen

First impression, the presentation of the ramen could be much better. The ingredients are places quite randomly in the bowl, so different from the photo in the menu. The char siew is sinking in the soup. I really think that the notion of "presentation" is still not entrenched in people preparing food here in Singapore.

Then I took a sip of the soup. The taste is quite ok but personally I prefer the miso tonkotsu soup to be thicker. The temperature of the soup can also be hotter. The rest of the ramen is ok too - the char siew is quite tender and the noodles ok.

In general, it is not a ramen that "wow"ed me, but it was reasonably ok.

Because it is inside a marche-like place, Menya Manpei offers a mini version of the ramen so that you can try other things too. A mini tonkotsu miso will cost you $7.8.

According to the menu its side dish "Pork Belly Don" is also supposed to be good. Will try that another time.

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Ramen Data - Menya Manpei
Address: 4F, Iluma @ Bugis, inside Ebisboshi Shotengai
Types: Tonkotsu with miso, shio, shoyu
Price: $7-9 (for mini ramen) and $12-14 (for full size ramen)
Rating: 6.5/10

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