Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sanomaru Ramen (さのまる) @ TripleOne Somerset

This week's ramen adventure brings me Sanomaru Ramen (さのまる) at TripleOne Somerset, aka the old Singapore Power building.

111, 313, pretty confusing!

Brown and traditional feel

Store interior, with many posters of Hokkaido

A new entrant in Singapore's ramen scene, Sanomaru is another ramen shop from Hokkaido, Japan. Sanomaru has 1 outlet in Sapporo's Susukino district, the red-light district of Northern Japan. This is only their 2nd outlet, and the first one outside Japan. A Japanese ramen chef runs the shop to ensure that its up to the standard back home.

It is brought in by a Hokkaido-based company Nisso Ltd (that interestingly is a medical & welfare food service company) and Singapore's Komars Holdings (that operates other Japanese F&B concepts such as Bishamon ramen). Their opening in Singapore made news in the newspaper in Hokkaido too!

Sanomaru serves miso, shio and shoyu ramen.

Because Sapporo is famous for its miso Ramen, I decided to try Sanomaru's Vegetable Miso Ramen ($12.9).

The ramen is topped with long cabbage, bean sprout and corn. The soup base is a mixed soup, prepared from pork bones, chicken bones, vegetable and seafood. The soup of the miso ramen was light, very different from what Miharu serves, but yet it was sweet and flavoursome. I guess it is because how Sanomaru blended their soup.

I had the priviledge to speak to Mr Tsutsumi from Nisso, who is in charge of Sanomaru's Singapore expansion. He shared that while some other ramen shops in Singapore flies in frozen ramen to Singapore and defrost it before use, Sanomaru orders its ramen locally to its specification to make sure that the ramen is fresh. The saltiness and thickness of the soup are also adjusted down from the original recipe in Hokkaido to cater to Singaporean's preference. The company is still trying to improvise the ramen to suit our taste buds. Very interesting!

After eating the ramen, I did some research on the internet about Sanomaru. Interestingly, what seems to be its specialty is its Shio ramen!! On their menu in Japan there is also a delicious-looking Shio ramen with plum paste, which is not on its menu in Singapore. I could imagine how the clear soup will blend with the refreshing sourness of the plum.

Let me go back to Sanomaru again and try its Shio ramen someday.

And hopefully they will introduce the one with plum paste in Singapore too! It will be something different from what the other stores are offering.

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Ramen Data - Sanomaru Ramen @ TripleOne Somerset
Address: TripleOne Somerset, 111 Somerset Road, #02-15
Types: Miso, Shio, Shoyu
Price: S$12.9-15.9
Rating: 7.5/10


  1. Hello. I always checking your blog. Your blog is so nice. I was working in ramen shop in Japan and I just came to Singapore. Thank you for great info in Singapore.

  2. Hi Tweedy, thanks for your kind comments! I will continue to update my blog and share more ramen knowledge with people in Singapore.

    You must know a lot about ramen if you've worked in a Japanese ramen shop before. Will be great if I could learn from you too!

  3. Thank you. I was so happy for your comment. I'm working in ramenshop in Paragon. should be you know which shop it is. Let's share ramen knowledge. And let's go to some ramenshop when we can have timming to meet. Anyway thank you for the comment.


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