Monday, June 21, 2010

Ippudo Singapore Video

Found this video on Ippudo Singapore's website.

What I found most interesting is the passionate people behind Ippudo. Which is the one of the reasons that I like about ramen too.

Ippudo's founder, Kawahara Shigemi, shared that he wants to distance Ippudo to be perceived as a type of Japanese fast food. He wants people in Singapore to know that ramen is a cuisine that stems from techniques and traditions, and the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship. He also has a vision to make ramen as famous as sushi and tempura to the world. He is really leading the way as one of the pioneer ramen brands that is stepping out of Japan.

The video also contained short messages from several Japanese staff of Ippudo, which I think were sent to Singapore to setup Ippudo here. I was impressed by their determination - one of them actually said that he will treat it as that he has uprooted himself from Japan to Singapore for this cause.

Last but not least... not sure if they've realised it, but they actually managed to have Eric Khoo for one of the customer comments! The rest of the feedback seem to be from the usual customers, so they might just have caught Eric Khoo to give a comment while he visited the outlet.

Singaporeans like to eat and we are proud of our local food. Hope that someday we will have a team like those in Ippudo that are as passionate about spreading the Singaporean food culture overseas.

Will pop down one day to try their new limited period menu Miso Tonkotsu ramen.

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