Saturday, April 10, 2010

Keisuke Tokyo (けいすけ東京) - Parco Marina Bay

This week's ramen expedition brings me to Keisuke Tokyo at Parco Marina Bay.

I have written about its background in my previous blog, so I will jump into the experience and the ramen.

Keisuke has a posh interior, giving it a sophisticated feel. It has a dark color theme, with beige and red chairs, and a shelf of ramen bowls that it uses decorating the wall. In the background plays the music of Japanese shamisen, giving the shop a more "和" (Wa, or Japanese) atmosphere.

Interior of Keisuke Tokyo

I ordered the standard prawn stock ramen (海老ラーメン, $14.8++).
Even the bowl is posh!

It was explained that the bowl is chosen so that it will trap the fragrance of the prawn broth, giving customer a better experience. I did smell the prawn very well, but the only issue was that I'll spill the soup over the front of the bowl where it is shallow.

According to the poster in front of the store, all the ingredients used to make the soup, such as prawn heads, kelp, white soy sauce and dried mackerel are imported from Japan. The prawn heads are roasted in a frying pan for 1 hour, before it is boiled for another 8 hours to extract the broth.

Took a sip of this soup. It is indeed sophisticated and deep, that you can taste a variety of flavours in it. The prawn and seafood flavour is pretty strong too.

The ramen is topped with a variety of ingredients: naruto, cabbage, leek, yuzu slices, shredded chili, a type of vegetable call 山くらげ (yama-kurage, and maybe its called mountain jelly vegetable in english...), and last but not least a piece of chicken char-siew.

The presentation and color mix is very well done, and the ingredients makes the ramen interesting too. But the chicken char siew was a bit too soft and didn't have much taste. It might have been better if they top it with prawns.

I ordered a plate of prawn gyoza too ($7.5++). Pretty decent.

All in all, the experience at Keisuke Tokyo was good. The ramen was sophisticated, delicious, and I was impressed with the attention to details to this bowl of ramen. In terms of price, it is higher than most other stores too, most probably because of the ingredients used.

Personally I prefer pork bone soup in general, so I might come back less frequently. Nonetheless, for those who like seafood, its definitely worth a try!

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Ramen Data - Keisuke Tokyo, Parco Marina Bay
Address: P3-02, Parco Marina Bay
Types: Prawn Soup
Price: S$14.8-20
Rating: 8/10


  1. if u tilt the bowl back to the normal position, it's going to be half full, isn't it?
    is it filling?

  2. Hi clt,

    The bowl is made in such a way that it stands tilted... no way to tilt it back :P

    Yes I think the ramen here is of decent volume and its quite filling.


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