Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Ramen Places in Town! Nantsuttei (なんつッ亭) and Keisuke Tokyo (東京ラーメン けいすけ) @ Parco Marina Bay

Just flipped open the Sunday news paper, and wow, 2 more ramen shops from Japan will be coming to Singapore!

Nantsuttei (なんつッ亭) and Keisuke Tokyo (東京ラーメン けいすけ).

Both will be opening in Singapore their first overseas outlets. Its interesting that Singapore is becoming a magnet of Japanese F&B establishments' first step outside Japan!

The article didn't state when they will be opened (hope that no one rushed down today) but according to Parco Marina Bay's website, the new mall will be opened on 31 Mar 2010 3pm. Nantsuttei's Singapore website also stated that they will be opened from 3:00-10:30pm on 31 March, and customers get to win a figuring of the owner Furuya Ichiro (!!).

These 2 chains are pretty famous names in Japan.

Nantsuttei was often featured in magazines, TV and ramen rankings in Japan. Its specialty is tonkotsu ramen and its black sesame oil. The black sesame oil is made from a blend of sesame oil and garlic fried to 7 different levels, from light brown to black (slight mis-report on the papers...), as garlic fried to varying degree has a different flavour (doubt I could tell the difference...haha).

Keisuke Tokyo sounds interesting too. The owner was a french chef, and with that background he improvised ramen as a cuisine in his own ways. The shop to be opened in Parco seems to be selling prawn-based ramen. But in Tokyo, each of his stores has a speciality, from miso ramen to tsuke-men.

Looking forward to try both ramen soon!

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