Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Menya Shinchan - Vegetable Potage Ramen

Menya Shinchan has a new iten on its menu - Vegetable Potage Ramen!

ベジポタ (Vege-Pota)

Vetegable Potage Ramen, or Vege-Pota (ベジポタ) in short in Japanese, is the new ramen style that is increasingly gaining popularity in Japan. It is made by first mashing up several types of vegetables such as potato, onion etc in a mixer into a paste form, or the "vegetable potage". It is then added into the ramen soup, making the soup thicker so that it will cling better onto the noodle, and at the same time adds more flavour to the soup.

Menya Shinchan is quick to pick up this trend and launched it own Vege-Pota Ramen ($14). I think its the first ramen shop in Singapore to do this. Outstanding!
And indeed true to its motto of ramen being a continuous evolving pursuit.

Menya Shinchan's vege-pota ramen comes with pork bone and seafood soup. In addition to toppings such as char siew, been sprouts, cabbage, onion and aji-tama, there is also topped with a ball of miso paste. You can experience the soup in 2 ways - first sipping the soup by itself, and then mix in the miso paste to add the miso flavour.

A note of caution: this ramen is for those who like it real thick and strong. The noodle picks up quite a lot of the potage soup, so you will feel more of the soup's taste when you eat the noodle. There is an aftertaste of the vegetables after it too. However, I felt that the thickness condenses the taste of the soup too, making it pretty strong and salty, especially after the miso ball is mixed in. So those who don't like it too salty might not like this ramen.

However, so far in Singapore, Menya Shinchan in the only place that you can try this new style of ramen that is getting hot in Japan now. If you are a ramen fan and want to try the latest trend without going to Japan, this is definitely for you.

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