Monday, May 11, 2009

Singapore Ramen Map

As a part of sharing the joy of eating ramen with everyone, I've started to build up a Singapore Ramen Map a few days ago on Google Maps.

The link to the map is below.
You can find the link to it at the bottom right of this blog too.

As of now, there are only about 10 places that you can have relatively authentic ramen (i.e. excluding Ajisen) in Singapore. And the flags in my map concentrate mainly in the town area. But definitely I can see that Ramen is getting increasingly popular, and I'm sure my map will be populated with more outlets soon!

For example, I saw on last Sunday's ST that a branch of a famous Japanese Ramen chain Aoba will be opening in Ion Orchrad. Can wait to try their ramen here.

As my map is still in the beta phase, I welcome comments to make it better :)
I also plan to create a map of those ramen stores that I've been to in Japan to introduce to everyone the good places that you can go to when you are there for a trip.

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