Monday, December 7, 2009

Ippudo Singapore @ Mandarin Gallary

Another Japanese ramen chain arrived in Singapore!

博多 一風堂(Ippudo)

Their website is very cute! Lego-like figures of customers and staff zooming around the stall, making and taking orders, just like how a real stall might look like.

Ippudo Phamplet

I've eaten their ramen in Tokyo before and quite like its tonkotsu ramen.
However, I was there at the wrong time!
Only managed to grab a piece of the pamphlet...

Opening hours before their grand opening on 12 Dec 09...

Before its opening on 12 Dec, they will be having lunch soft opening from 2-4 Dec, and dinner soft opening from 5-7 Dec.
Thereafter they will take a break until their official opening on 12 Dec.

... sob

Anyway, taking this chance to share more about Ippudo.

The owner, Mr Kawahara, is a success story in the ramen world.
Started his business in 1985 with a 10-seater stall, he gained fame after opening a stall in the Yokohama ramen museum in 1994.
He subsequently won the "All-Japan Ramen Master Competition" 3 times in a row from 1997-1999.
With over 50 outlets in Japan now, Ippudo opened its first overseas outlet in New York's East Village in 2008.
This outlet in Mandarin Gallery will be its 2nd overseas outlet.
Not bad, Singapore!

Most probably I can only try it out after its grand opening.
Will see how it matches up with their stalls in Japan.
Till then!

Link to Part 2


  1. Nice history about Ippudo! Maybe you can discuss some of other owners as well?

    Would love to try out Ippudo when the crowd is gone too!

  2. Hi, Jacky here. Find your blog informative & interesting. Keep it up!!!

  3. Xantuar > Thanks! Heard from a friend that if you go there in odd hours lke 4pm you won't encouter the queue. Maybe you can try that (e.g. have a brunch and a very late Ippudo lunch)

    Beng > haha :) Thanks! Will keep up my pace up updating!


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