Monday, November 9, 2009

About ... SPOONS

Not Boomz but Spoons.

For those who went to Santouka, did you notice that the spoon has this L-shaped dent between the handle and the caved-in part?

You can actually do this with the spoon!

I'm sure all of us have this experience of dropping a spoon into the bowl of noodles.
The shape of this spoon is one of the ingenious ways of the Japanese to prevent that from happening.

Googled around a little and found this interesting ramen-spoon!

It was created by a Japanese ramen chain in Nagoya, as an eco-friendly utensil for customers to be able to eat the noodles (with the forky part) and drink the soup using just this one, thereby cutting down on the use of wooden chopsticks.

Amazingly, its featured in the MoMA Store in Tokyo! Each costs 1050 yen.

But some bloggers who tried it was complaining how difficult it is to scoop up the ramen with it.
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