Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Marusuke Ramen (三代目(助)) in Shinjuku

This week's ramen expedition brings me to my favourite Tokyo!

I'm in Tokyo for a leisure trip, and how can I miss this chance to seek out good ramen stalls?

This time, I went to this stall call "Sandaime Marusuke" (三代目(助)) in Shinjuku. Marusuke is constantly on the list of top 10 ramen stalls in Tokyo, offering excellent tonkotsu ramen.

Marusuke, neat Japanese style entrance

Its only about 5 mins away from Isetan Shinjuku, so it is quite convenient to pop by after doing some shopping in Shinjuku. However, it is tucked in a corner of an office / residential building without a large signboard, so it may take some effort to find for a first timer.

The interior of the stall is simple but spacious and pleasant. It only has 1 row of counter seats facing the kitchen, with a hook behind each seat to hang one's coat during winter. On the far side of the room across the wall, Marusuke has written down instructions on how to eat its ramen. It is a Japanese attitude that I always respect - its attention to details right down to how the ramen should be eaten.

Stall interior

I ordered its standard specialty, white ramen (白らぅめん, 670yen). And in this stall, we can specify the thickness of the soup and how well we want the noodle to be done, in 3 levels.

Customised to our taste!

Marusuke recommends "thick" for the soup and "hard" for the noodles. As I'm visiting the stall for the first time, I went along with the recommendation.

White ramen

The ramen is a simple one topped with seaweed, a large piece of char siew, onion and black fungus. The tonkotsu soup is excellent!! It is thick, creamy and full of flavour. But it is not too salty that you can't drink too much. In fact, I finished all the soup! The noodle used is straight & narrow noodle, which gives a large surface area for the tasty soup to cling on to.

Following the eating instruction written on the wall, after finishing half the bowl, I added two types of pickle vegetable takana (高菜) and red ginger (紅しょうが) to top the ramen.

Takana and Red Ginger

The spicy takana added more taste to the soup and gave it a different flavour. By adding toppings to the ramen, you can have 2 types of experience with one bowl of ramen!

For those of you who will be visiting Tokyo soon, I strongly recommend you to have one of your meals at Marusuke. Its not too expansive but very satisfying. Compared to the price that you pay for a bowl of ramen in Singapore, at 670yen (about S$10.5), its more or less the same, but the quality is so much better.

View Singapore Ramen Map in a larger map

Ramen Data
- Sandaime Marusuke
新宿区新宿3-11-12 永谷テイクエイト1F
: Tonkotsu
: 670-800yen
: 9.5/10


  1. Hello, Haven't seen you for a long while.

    Nice to see that you started a blog like this..

    Keep it up..

  2. Hoi Leong,
    you should be the RAMEN ambassador:))

    I am thinking of heading to Tokyo for holiday this December...maybe need yr recommendation to move about & affordable accomodation:)

  3. Hey jx, same here!
    Will keep it up!

    Hi Richard,
    Sure! Can recommend you a few chains of affordable hotels. Let me know!

  4. Thanks for the review. I am visiting Japan/Tokyo for the first time, and we are staying very close to this ramen stall, so we will be sure to check it out. Do you know if they have any english menus or help as we will surely need help to taste this wonderful food !

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Unfortunately there is no English menu. And like most of the Japanese ramen places, there is a ticket vending machine just inside the entrance that you have to place your order there.

    So you can try to remember / write down this Japanese word 白らぅめん (the one that I ordered above) and press that button when you are there at the store.

    As for the customisable soup/noodle, you can point to the two words in red (which is the shop's recommendation).

    Let me know what you think after you come back from the trip! Enjoy!


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