Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Opening of Michelin 1-Star Ramen, Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta, in Singapore!

It has been a long time of almost 4 years since I've updated my blog. Bogged down by work and had not much time to update - but this piece of new is something that I had to write about...

Because Tsuta is coming to Singapore!

By now the new should have spread in Singapore - it was on various media such as ChannelNewsAsia, radio and so on. But still I would like to write about it.

I have been following this news since the beginning of the year, when news in Japan revealed that owner Onishi will be opening its first overseas outlet in Singapore. Nothing much can be found online, except that in Onishi's own blog in January, he wrote that he will be going to Singapore for 2 weeks on a business trip.

Back to Tsuta, for those of you thinking of going to his Sugamo store to taste the real thing, supplementing the information on CNA and the Facebook video, you have to take note of a few things as the shop implements a queue ticket system for entry to avoid disappointment.

- You have to line up early. Tsuta will start distributing queue tickets at about 7am plus.
- Each queue ticket specifies a 1-hour time slot from 11am to 5pm that you need to come back for, as the allocated time for you to enter the shop. The opening hours is a 11am, so the earliest that you can start even if you are the first person in the queue is 11am.
- Each queue ticket will need a deposit of 1000 JPY. Seems that they will not give change so please prepare the exact amount.
- They have recently changed the system that someone can actually get multiple queue ticket for their friends. But might be subject to changes, so to be safe it might be better to queue up.

Most of the time the ticket will be wiped out by the fans who queue up, but occasionally there will be free slots or cancellation. Tsuta runs a twitter account broadcasting announcements about the ticketing situation, and if there are some free slots at certain times. You can try your luck to see if you can grab those last minute (Japanese required)

Back to his Singapore store, as per Onishi's video, I'm glad that his offering of Shoyu and Shio ramen will be something different from the many Tonkotsu ramen that is already in Singapore. I do like Tonkotsu very much but I felt that it is a little skewed.

He is currently in Singapore, his fifth day now, training the staff and his team to prepare the ramen, according to his blog. He has also tried our very own Michelin Star soy sauce chicken! You can see that the noodle of Tsuta will be freshly made using using the noodle machine with his own blend of flour (versus buying off-the-shelf noodles made by others). I wish that I can be one of the crew to learn from him how he makes his soup, shoyu tare and char siew!

Looking forward to the opening of Tsuta soon!

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